Targeted recruitment for clients
and candidates looking to make a

Positive Impact.


About Us

We’re seeing a global cultural shift to build a more sustainable, transparent, and socially motivated economy.

The candidates of today are increasingly aspiring to make a positive impact and working for businesses who value purpose beyond profit is high up on their agendas. A hugely encouraging ​76% of millennials, for example, are influenced by a company’s mission and the issues it supports when deciding where to work.

At MDT, we’re passionate about using recruitment to facilitate their ambition to change the world for the better.

Our Approach

We spend time understanding a company’s needs, not only in terms of experience and skillset requirements but also ensuring a natural cultural fit.


We proactively headhunt the best candidates, using our knowledge of the market to find the most suitable person for the job, rather than simply approaching those who are actively looking.


We focus on quality, not quantity. We know how busy you are. The recruitment process can be incredibly time-consuming, so it’s our aim to keep that to a minimum and only put forward those who stand out.


Social Enterprise

Businesses including those:

Facilitating child, mental health, or elderly care

Offering solutions to foster communities, personal, educational, professional development or wellbeing

Combating homelessness, poverty or loneliness

Environmental Initiative

Businesses including those:

Focussing on sustainability - 

reducing waste, producing ethically sourced, sustainable goods, recycling initiatives, sustainable packaging or reuse solutions

Promoting renewable energy - 

e-mobility or green energy power providers

Positive Impact

Businesses including those:


Funds that are supporting sustainable, social sector businesses

Giving back by way of  charitable, purpose led element or with a strong sense of CSR

Digital solutions or 

consultancy services enabling companies to change the world for the better

B Corp

‘For-profit’ companies awarded B corp status for meeting the highest social sustainability and environmental performance standards.

They offer public transparency, legal accountability, and are graded on their positive impact in areas of governance, workers,

community, the environment, as well as the product or service the company provides.